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Photo Locations in Celebration, FL ☀️

Hey everyone!! So we all wonder how or where there are great photo spots in Florida, that aren't necessarily in a theme park. I always try to geo tag my Instagram photos, but it is always hard where there is not a specific tag for a blue random wall in a city. I wanted to start in a city where not a lot of us think to venture to, or see that one orange Starbucks wall - but no influencer tags exactly where it is at.

For this particular project, I wanted to show off my photography side - so I can showcase the locations in the way I want them to come across, as well as the coloring. I partnered up with my amazing friend and Content Creator Sarai Grace, you can find her over at @thesunnysg on Instagram and Tik Tok, and YouTube! On her channel right now she has an amazing series about A week in her life as a Content Creator...and I may make a special Guest appearance.

Anyway! I hope you all enjoy this and find it helpful if you are ever stumped, or come to the thought of "there is no where else to take photos?" or "man I wish there was a cool location nearby?"

1. BOHEMIAN HOTEL - 700 Bloom St, Celebration, FL 34747

2. GRAND BOHEMIAN HOTEL PATIO ( go through the lobby)


4. LAKESIDE PROMENADE - 674 Front St, Celebration, FL 34747

5. BRIDGE ON SYCAMORE ST. - 740-674 Front St Celebration, FL

6. CELEBRATION STARBUCKS - 715 Bloom St # 200, Kissimmee, FL 34747

7. YELLOW BUILDING W/ FOUNTAIN - 606 Market St #110, Celebration, FL 34747

(behind Wonderland Cookie Dough Co.)

8. ORANGE DOORWAY FRAME - next to the yellow building located above

9. BANK OF AMERICA - 700 Celebration Ave STE 100, Celebration, FL 34747

10. CELEBRATION FOUNTAIN - Water St. Celebration, FL 34747

11. US POSTAL SERVICE - 601 Market St, Kissimmee, FL 34747

12. WATER STREET PARK - 515 Water St, Celebration, FL 34747

Thank you so much for taking a scroll through the many photo spots Sarai Grace and I found in Celebration,FL. As these are the ones that stuck out to us on our adventure, keep in mind that there are so many more around the area. DO NOT think that you can't think outside the box and take a photo from a different angle, as every photographer or content creator has different visions.

Can not wait to take you on another adventure next week, as we head to Winter Garden to find hidden photo spots...that your eye may not have thought about before!

Have a great weekend,

XOXO Aliya

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