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Meet Allyson ✨

With the use of social media, I wanted to use my Website to showcase other content creators that I personally look up to, and who inspire me daily. I wanted Allyson (@magicandwishes) to be my first Content Creator Connection feature, due to her being someone I look to for positivity, during this unprecedented time.

I followed Allyson starting back in 2016, due to her being involved with some of the brands that I have always loved. I enjoyed her topic Tuesday's...which fell into the thing we all know and love, Take My Money Tuesday's. To give a little back story, Allyson devotes so much time to ensure her followers and readers are up to date on the latest Disney, Target, or Unique brand finds. I personally have loved watching her do these through Quarantine, and if you're interested in watching, she has a highlight on her Instagram page.

With everything Allyson posts, comments, or talks about, she puts her whole work ethic in making sure it is genuine and personable. She listens to her followers, and builds connections with them. Whenever I met Allyson in the parks, she actually takes the time to have a conversation, learn about you and engages in thorough responses. I reached out to Allyson to see if she could provide insight to what social media has become for her, and some tips/advice for those who are interested about starting up a social media account in the future.

When did you start social media?

I started Magic and Wishes in 2015

What camera equipment do you use?

Canon EOS M50 with the standard lens (video) and 50mm lens (photos)

Where do you come up with your content ideas?

Any ideas always come to me right when I'm about to fall asleep. I just begin thinking about what I want to get done for the next day and BOOM there it is! Inspo can easily come from social media itself from other creators, (credit given always), Tumblr (yes, I'm old), and whatever really pops in my head!

Recommendations for content creators just starting out?

STAY GENUINE TO YOURSELF! Don't post what you think will get the most likes or engagement. Share what you genuinely love and enjoy. Don't be afraid to let your freak flag fly. People follow you for YOU, not for the "trendy" things you can share. Be true to yourself and things will fall into place.

What's your favorite place to adventure to?

I love exploring Florida! There is so much to do in this state and I have lived here my entire life and I have still not seen everything here!

What's your favorite part about your day?

Making coffee and setting aside time to write in my feelings journal. it has been incredibly therapeutic for my mental health.

If you could be any animal what would you be? Why?

WHAT A QUESTION... I always wanted to be horse, seems very freeing and magical to be a horse! But if I were trying to survive, an otter. They are ADORABLE, can swim and walk on land, and they are predators. They have their own predators to deal with, but I feel like otters can really hold their own!

How do you suggest to go about collaborations with brands?

Stay true to yourself, but also don't let them take advantage of you. I have had to learn that through a lot of trial and error and I STILL have trouble with it. You have to learn your worth and stick to making sure that what you create is compensated for. We take a lot of time making sure that collabs are perfect and great for both the brand and ourselves. Make sure you get that payment, IT IS WORK, you deserve compensation. But also, be open to working with the company, you should allow flexibility and be open to learning more about how the brand works with creators and what they ask for and offer!

What advice would you give to someone who is not always confident it the content they put out there?

Do you love what you just shared? PERFECT. Do not worry about engagement if you truly believe and love what you just created and shared. Your audience follows you for a reason, they will support what you create because they enjoy YOU and YOUR CREATIVITY! Of course, be sure to create quality content, work on your craft. There is always room to improve and get better at what you're doing, but be genuine to yourself. This is your page, your art that you're making. Be proud of it!!

Universal or Disney?

I love them both equally, BUT I do love Universal's theming throughout the park. But I love Disney's immersive areas in the parks like Batuu, Pandora, etc. It's hard because they are both so magical!

Where is some place you wish to visit in the future?

Norway, please!

What is the main thing you wish to put into the world?

I want to share that being yourself is amazing, rejoice in yourself and believe in yourself. Along the way hitting positivity, confidence, the magic you can find in the world!

Any other things you wish to let the reader know about you?

I cry way too easily, but I think that's a good thing, I have a super close relationship with my mom and she loves being on my stories and videos with me, I have three cats: Meeko, Jack and Totoro, and Daniel (boyfriend) has always helped me along on this journey with MagicandWishes, even helping me figure out the name for the account when I first created the account!

If you want to follow along on even more adventures, watch #TakeMyMoneyTuesday , or want more insight to what Allyson does on a daily? Check her out at @magicandwishes or her personal Website, .

This is the first of many Content Creator Connection pieces, and I am so excited to share even more amazing people in the social media world with you!

Have a great Tuesday!


Aliya Burshan

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