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Meet Abby Corkins ✨

I started following Abby (@abbycorkins) way back in 2016, when I moved to Orlando to start at UCF. I was amazed by her use of color, but also how she ROCKED the short hair look. I

followed her, and couple other Disney Instagramers, adventures to look into the style side of the parks. From when I started following her, til now, she has provide insight on so many other topics that are needed for discussion. Her style has blossomed into not just Disney Style, but creating more editorial looks to showcase her stunning closet. Literally...some of these pieces are TO DIE FOR. If I could describe Abby in two words, it would be authentic and delightful. I reached out to Abby to see if she could provide insight to what her life has been like since she started her social media accounts in 2016, and to provide some advice for those who are curious about starting an Instagram.

When did you start your social media account?


What camera equipment do you use?

Sony A7iii

Where do you come up with your content ideas?

I get inspired from everywhere! To be honest I often do things a little backwards where I find pieces or clothing that I love and see what character/movie etc it reminds me of.

Recommendations for content creators just starting out?

Sounds so cheesy, but stay true to yourself. Be authentic. Post things that you love. Also take breaks otherwise you will get burnt out so quickly.

What's your favorite place to adventure to?

Anywhere with flowers 🌸 (and if there’s coffee, that’s definitely a bonus!)

What's your favorite part about your day?

I love being active, so I try to work out or do some sort of exercise everyday. It’s a time I put my phone down and just focus on me and my body. It helps me physically and mentally.

If you could be any animal what would you be? Why?

Oh for sure a cat. I’ve always identified with them. I love curling up and taking a nap in the sunshine.

How do you suggest to go about collaborations with brands?

Again, be authentic. My rule of thumb is I only collaborate with brands where I would actually spend my own money. I won’t tell anyone else to purchase something I wouldn’t purchase for myself. This also makes it easier to post about because you will have a real connection with the product.

What advice would you give to someone who is not always confident it the content they put out there?

It’s okay to experiment. Sometimes things work out, sometimes not. But you never know until you try! Keep playing until you find what feels comfortable and inspires you.

Universal or Disney?

I go through phases with each. I think I prefer Disney movies, but Universal for a day at the parks.

Where is some place you wish to visit in the future?

I’ve always wanted to visit the Pacific Northwest. I would love to spend a week just hiking and taking in the great outdoors.

What is the main thing you wish to put into the world?

Warmth and Compassion

Any other things you wish to let the reader know about you?

When I began my Instagram, I had no idea where it would take me. It started out just as a creative hobby on the side. When I moved to Orlando, I didn’t know anyone, so I would go to the parks by myself. I’ve always loved dressing up and taking pictures and it gave me something to do. Almost all of my pictures from the start of my page were taken on my phone by complete strangers at the parks. Over the years, I have grown and I am now fortunate enough to have a very talented photographer boyfriend who helps me out, but I didn’t start out that way. Everyone starts somewhere. Don’t be afraid to begin. And don’t think you have to have all the best equipment in order to take photos. I look back at the start of my page and I often cringe, but I’m also proud because I know that I was trying something new and I was learning. Which never really stops. I’m still learning and evolving, and that’s what keeps this interesting and exciting!

If you're interested to continue following along Abby's life and continue to see the beautiful styled content she creates, follow her along at @abbycorkins. Also, check out her boyfriend Taylor's photography account over at @attebery_photography ⬅️

Stay tuned for next Tuesday, when I catch up with another creator for Content Creator Connection!


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