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Coronado Springs / Gran Destino Photo Locations

Hello everyone, happy Thursday! Can you believe that it is almost the beggining of April? How the time has flown by already. We pick back up with Resort Photo Locations at Coronado Springs area. In my head the best spots are the ones that aren't front and center. I love capturing the greenery, skies, architecture, light in the hallways that add cool shadows, and of course some Florida palm trees. I hope you find some cute inspiration for your next stay or visit to Coronado Springs Resort! Thanks to my cutie pie friend Emilia (@emilalah) for spending time with me at the resort...and looking cute while doing it!

Outside walkway to El Mercado

Steps outside of El Mercado (near convention side)

Archway past El Mercado

Coronado Springs courtyard

Bridge near Coronado Springs courtyard, with view of Gran Destino

Coronado Springs field

Beach past Coronado Springs pool

Outside of Gran Destino Tower

Dahlia Lounge

Dahlia Lounge walkway inside

Outside Gran Destino Tower/ Dahlia Lounge walkway

I mean in general I am AMAZED at the beauty of this resort. I have only stepped foot on this property twice since I have lived in Orlando, and I can say it is highly underrated. I know that I am adding to my list of places I want to stay...just because of the gorgeous bar at the Dahlia Lounge! This location can make your photos look stunning and not even seem they are on Disney property. They have lovely gardens all around the rooms, secret passage ways with pretty architecture, and beautiful beaches to relax on.

Let me know what your favorite shot was, and if you are looking to book a session with me feel free to send me a DM or an email! Hope you guys have a lovely week, and check back tomorrow for an updated Bay Lake Resort list of locations.


Aliya Burshan

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