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Animal Kingdom Photo Locations ⛰

Well what a Wild week it has been and especially today! Taylor Swift just released her Fearless (Taylor's Version) album with additional songs from the if you see me flashing back to when I was 13 jamming in my pjs to the songs, no you don't.

Anyway! We are kicking off the Walt Disney World Park Photo Locations with Animal Kingdom. Animal Kingdom started out as one of my least favorite parks, but over the years has secured it's spot at number 2 on my WDW list. I love walking around this park and seeing the animals (not just on the safari) interact with each other. I know we all LOVE the tree of life photo op, but there are so many more to discover. While Sam (@theindependentsprinkle) and I were wandering for our fun locations we stumbled upon some amazing spots that we had never seen on our feeds! Can't wait for you to see what we found and how you'll incorporate these spots into your next trip!

1. Tree of Life Trail

2. Back of the Tree of Life

3. You Are Beautiful Wall (back left of Harambe Market)

4. Teal Wall (Harambe Market)

5. Fichwa Wall (outside Harambe Market)

6. Lion King Tan Mural (Next to Fichwa Wall)

7. Tree of Life Lookout

8. Maharajah Jungle Trek Tiger Arch

9. Maharajah Jungle Trek Tiger Viewpoint

10. Maharajah Jungle Trek Flag Path

11. Asia Blue Doors (near Everest)

12. Rivers of Light Walking Path (in resting area)

13. Dinoland USA (Primeval Whirl)

14. Dinorama Sign

15. TriceraTop Spin

16. Lion King Sunset Wall (walkway to Pandora from front of park)

17. Pandora Rocks lookout

18. Colors of Mo'ara

19. Pandora Watefall

20. Exit of Navi River Journey

21. Pandora Bridge

22. Pandora Bridge into Harambe

23. Festival of the Lion King Tree

24. Festival of the Lion King door (across from entrance)

25. Tusker House Restaurant

26. Harambe Bridge

I can't believe we struck gold and found 26 photo locations around tis park, but there are so many more to discover. As the park continues to grow, new locations will pop up! Hope you loved going on this Trek with us, and enjoy the weekend! Hollywood Studios is our next stop!



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